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Because NexTech Systems represents the top manufacturers in a large variety of traffic products, our customers can satisfy a majority of their traffic needs with just one phone call to NexTech Systems. We are often contacted with a list of traffic products and a request for NexTech Systems to provide those products, often in a “need-it-now” time frame. Blanket contracts with an agency that include on-going purchases for LED signal indications, flashing beacons, LED traffic signs, crosswalk safety products and LED street lighting are common at NexTech Systems, and we stock many of these products at our Irvine warehouse to expedite delivery to our customers.

In an industry of rapid-changing technology, NexTech Systems aims to be a key source of current information to our customers. We regularly hold “lunch & learns”, either at our warehouse facility or in-office with consultants and agency staff to provide hands-on product demonstration and answer in-depth technical questions that give a full understanding of a product’s capabilities.


NexTech Systems regularly assists traffic engineers in exploring traffic application alternatives during the initial study phase. We perform site reviews to help determine which type of mid-block crosswalk solutions are most appropriate- an in-pavement led crosswalk system or a rectangular rapid flashing beacon system, as an example. In providing all-important back-up power at an intersection where the power is cut unexpectedly, we determine the most reliable system to ensure that power remains uninterrupted for cars and pedestrians. For agencies making the switch to efficient LED street and safety lights, we research then recommend the appropriate fixture that will distribute the best light across the roadway.

During a project’s design phase, we assist with layouts, drawings and technical provisions and specifications, and provide no-obligation cost estimates for PS&E and bid packages. Working directly with the manufacturers of the products that will be deployed in the field, we can assure that a plan and specification are depicted correctly.


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